My motivation for writing Leadership DNA

Throughout my career I’ve personally experienced and witnessed the demoralizing affect that poor leadership can cause at work and even bleed into a person’s personal life. The overwhelming results of employee survey after survey consistently show that the number one issue in the workplace is poor leadership or more frankly-an intolerable boss.

Think about all the people in leadership positions that you have worked for in the past and I will bet that you will admit that the vast majority of these leaders did not possess the level of innate leadership talent to be recognized as a good leader. They probably made your life miserable and drove you to look for another job just to get rid of the stress these poor leaders create every day on the job. Most senior leaders do recognize that they have a problem with poor leaders, but too often they do not have the resolve or expertise to effectively deal with poor leaders. As a result, little is done with the intolerable boss and employee morale is allowed to continue on a downward spiral. This scenario plays itself out over and over again in our government offices, corporations, financial institutions and so forth.

Poor leaders drive up employee turnover, increase the cost of doing business, and increase employee complaints and apathy. The obvious question that came out of my observations was: why is this happening and why, with the billions spent each year on leadership training and development, are we not able to obtain the good leadership we need as employees, employers and as a nation?

My next blog will provide some answers to this perplexing question, which is clearly the most important issue that we face today. Without good leadership, America will be relegated to a second-rate country.

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