Why the Leadership Vacuum

Why the leadership vacuum?

In my last blog, I stated that I would discuss why we are experiencing a severe lack of good leadership despite spending billions annually to train and develop good leaders.

The root cause of this vacuum starts with science and its process of rigorous examination and investigation with the intent to discover the facts and principles that accurately describe and define what is occurring in the universe and why. These verified facts are then codified into formulas that will produce consistent and predictable results. This process has been very beneficial for humankind and it has powered our industrial and technological revolutions.

The problem occurred when we started to use this scientific process in an endeavor to define and measure human beings and create human formulas that coupled with personal desire and commitment will ensure that anyone can be “made” into a leader.

Using science as the model, we’ve attempted to put leadership under a microscope and define the profile of a leader and the recipe to create good leaders. Consequently, science became associated with the perspective of leadership gurus that leaders can be made by applying a formula. The argument that leaders are born and leadership is an art form was dismissed as irrelevant and antiquated compared to the juggernaut of science and its cold hard facts. To come full circle, for generations now we’ve tried the pseudoscientific approach to leadership and it has been a dismal failure. Consequently, it’s time that we recognize that good leadership is not the result of applying a formula. Rather, it is an art that demands a completely different way to identify, select and develop natural born leaders.

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