Fiscal Cliff or Leadership Cliff

In my first three Blogs, I’ve discussed the leadership vacuum in America, the root cause of this vacuum, the intolerable boss and his or her impact on their employees, and the mistake of the leadership gurus to insist on trying to define leaders and leadership in scientific terms. Today’s headlines regarding the seemingly forever looming fiscal cliff that threatens to engulf our financial and other institutions provides a practical example of these and other topics I’ve discussed from my book Leadership DNA. We are faced with one politically engineered grid-locked fiscal cliff after another and an exploding national debt. The union, business, and government leaders who got us into this mess are the very people we have to rely on to get us out without plunging this country into yet another recession. But, the real issue is not budgets and debt. These and other issues faced by this nation are an outgrowth of the real cliff: the leadership cliff and our collective failure to deal with the erosion of good leadership in America. And, in case you haven’t realized it, we fell off the leadership cliff a long time ago. We’ve just become so accustomed to our current level of mediocre leadership that we accept it as the new normal. As I’ve said in my book, “No nation can become great or stay great without great leadership.” If we can manage to put our differences aside just long enough, maybe we can squeeze out a deal that will get us through this particular fiscal crisis. But, what happens at the next crisis, then the next, and so on? We need great leadership that is selfless and puts the needs of the nation and the people above all else-political parties, elections, liberalism, conservatism, and most importantly, mammoth egos that have forgotten that this country was built on compromise and a solemn recognition of differing points of view where no one individual or party has a monopoly on the truth and what is the right path for America.


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