Mediocre Leadership is now the New Normal

In my last Blog entitled “Fiscal Cliff or Leadership Cliff,” I discussed the impending financial disaster this country has been forced to face because of the inability of our past and current political leaders to effectively deal with the issues we now face today. The next few Blogs will continue to focus on critical current events and their impact on the overall discussion of leadership in America. How many times have you gone into the voting booth and voted for the lesser of two evils? How many times did you wish you had the option to vote “None of the above” and force the Republicans and Democrats to put people on the ballots that actually possess innate leadership talent? How many times do we read about corporate CEOs who run their organizations into the ground and desert their workforces who face bankruptcy, home foreclosures, and the loss of future retirement funds?  At the same time, these CEOs leave with a severance package worth millions of dollars extracted from dying businesses. As a people, a citizenry, and as workers we collectively hunger for leaders to emerge who clearly possesses the leadership ability needed to unite our country and create a climate for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. But instead, we have been disappointed for so long, that we now have lowered the bar regarding how we define good leadership and what we expect from our leaders in government, business, and so forth. This acceptance of mediocre leadership has become the new normal. As I’ve said before, if we do not have great leaders in all segments of our society, then as a nation, we will eventually lose our preeminent position in the world. We cannot let America fail. We must not accept mediocre leaders in our leadership positions as the new normal. We the people must raise our expectations of our leaders and clearly communicate to them that great leadership is our new normal.

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