Leadership in the Rear View Mirror

This is the eighth Blog in a series that continues the discussion of leadership in America. As a nation and a people we must take a lesson from nature and realize that there are only two options for any living being: either move forward and grow or stand still and decay. Leadership is about moving forward. Our focus must be on the road ahead and the challenges around every new corner in the twenty-first century. In doing so we cannot however, ignore the past or we shall be condemned to repeat it. At the same time our leaders in government, business, finance, and so forth cannot chart a course for us by constantly trying to steer this country by looking in the rear view mirror. For centuries, the distance and difference between past, present, and future were not that great. Little changed in how people lived from generation to generation. The past, present, and future ran together in a slow parade of sameness and relative predictability. This was all changed with the advent of the industrial and technological revolutions. The advances in science and technology have brought enormous change to our society and at an ever-increasing pace.  Looking in the rear view mirror for the lessons of the past has become less and less relevant as we now face issues and problems on a scale never encountered by the civilizations and peoples of the past. The distances and differences between past, present, and future are growing wider and more pronounced with every new generation. As a result, we need leaders who can lead during times of massive change; who can move us forward under a banner of flexibility and agility, no longer steadfastly and too often blindly bound to a specific ideology such as liberalism or conservatism. The prime directive must be that democracy cannot perish in this new world, that as a people we must work to realize life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. At the end of the day, we need leaders who can make the tough, forward-thinking decisions that will lead us into an uncertain and transforming future. Furthermore, we need a citizenry that will accept nothing less from their leaders.


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