To the Fiscal Brink We Go Again and Again and Again

This is the ninth Blog in a series regarding the state of leadership in America. It continues to be painfully apparent from these last negotiations over finding ways to avert fiscal suicide, that our leaders are more interested in finding leverage than common ground. Each side wants this leverage to gain the upper hand to implement their respective ideologies. The last minute compromise reached has momentarily averted going off the cliff, a cliff too many politicians were willing to go to push their party’s agenda. Both sides claim to have a mandate from we the people to continue this detrimental game of who will blink first as they ramp up their rhetoric and posturing to prepare us for the next round of fiscal confrontation. We’ll be subjected once more to mind numbing media interviews of the protagonists espousing their party lines with the intent that if they say their message over and over long enough that we may actually believe what they are saying. Add in an assortment of swarming lobbyists and we have the makings of another ideological and special interests’ brawl. At stake are the credit rating of the United States and the ability of our leaders to act responsibly and take bipartisan action to generate a fiscal plan which seriously deals with the national debt. As I wrote in my Blog entitled, Fiscal Cliff or Leadership Cliff, “…this country was built on compromise and a solemn recognition of differing points of view where no one individual or party has a monopoly on the truth and what is the right path for America.” Our elected officials need to remember this as we approach another round of budget negotiations and debt ceiling debates. There are and will continue to be numerous issues that this nation will face that must be addressed and we cannot afford to become fixated and gridlocked on any one of them. We must make every effort to find common ground and craft compromises that encompass the needs of this nation and not political parties and personal agendas.

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