You Don’t Choose to be a Leader; Leadership chooses you!

This is the thirteenth in a series regarding the state of leadership in America. The title of this blog is a quote from my book, “Leadership DNA.” The book presents the argument that each person is born with their own unique set of talents, that leadership is an innate talent, that leadership talent varies by individual ranging from none to a significant amount, and that it is passed down to individuals through DNA. Consequently, leadership training and development are of little value if the people taking the training do not have the necessary level or degree of innate leadership talent. For natural born leaders, leadership talent must be forged from within a person. Training can enhance the innate leadership talent a person possesses, but it cannot bestow leadership ability upon a person with a diploma for completing a program of instruction on leadership. As a director of human resources for 23 years, I had the opportunity to observe leaders, managers, supervisors and bosses and the unmistakable conclusion that I realized is that far too many of them did not possess the necessary level of leadership talent to be an effective leader. Too many created a toxic environment for their employees to work in every day because, although well-trained and with years of experience in leadership positions, they simply did not have the innate know-how to lead. They could manage work and issue orders, but that’s not leadership. It became clear that leadership cannot be learned by anyone and everyone despite how much a person wanted to be a leader and how hard that person worked trying to become a good leader. It also became apparent that if a person has leadership talent, then regardless of the position he or she holds, even if it is a non-leadership position, leadership talent will find a way to show itself, to manifest itself no matter the amount of leadership training or developmental assignments. Leadership isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. Again, you don’t choose to be a leader; leadership chooses you!

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