Holding the Party Line – Holding America Hostage

This is the sixteenth in a weekly series regarding the state of leadership in America and they further develop and expand on topics covered in my book, Leadership DNA. My goal is to publish a Blog on either Thursday or Friday.
Leaders negotiate; politicians posture. We are drowning in a sea of posturing with no leaders in sight as we once again face a self-inflicted financial crisis. It seems like every other Blog I wright deals with yet another failure of our politicians to resolve our financial woes. Politicians are fond of saying that they must follow their principles and develop a course of action to get the country going in the right direction. In the meantime they believe it’s better to do nothing because to do otherwise would send the country off in the wrong direction. There are several problems with this non-action: first, no one party or individual possesses the “right” direction. We are an educated and diverse citizenry and no politician or party can speak for all of us or even most of us; second, given that we live today with constant domestic and global change, we cannot as a nation afford to just do nothing every time some group of politicians decides that they are going to gridlock the government and society until they get their way; and third, corporations, small businesses, and financial institutions need some degree of certainty in the marketplace to formulate their own plans to react to government policies. Doing nothing hurts our economy. We cannot allow politicians who are more concerned about their own party’s interests than that of the nation to hold America hostage to their crusader-like fervor and vision of their perfect Republic. As I’ve said in previous Blogs, compromise is the only answer, but compromise has come to be seen by politicians as abandonment of principle. To be pragmatic is seen as unprincipled. Quite the contrary, compromise is the engine that real leaders use to drive movement and once moving, they can adjust their course and speed as needed. Effective leaders do not wait for the perfect plan or moment to do something. They take action and by so doing, do not allow this nation to be held hostage to anything or anyone.

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