Seven Words That Can Crush a Team, Office, or Business

This is the eighteenth in a weekly series regarding the state of leadership in America. The seven words that will make any good leader cringe are: “but we’ve always done it that way.” These words are especially debilitating to an organization because they sap the innovation and initiative out of a workforce. But, what’s most important and disturbing is that the people who say these words are actually mirroring the attitude of their leadership. A workforce is the refection of its leadership, or put another way, leadership gets the workforce it deserves. Consequently, when a new leader takes over an organization and he or she hears these devastating seven words emanating from the workforce, a good leader will recognize that the people are simply parroting the words, attitude, and inactions of the previous leadership. Such organizations and workforces have been mired in a leadership induced, static environment where innovation and initiative are often discouraged or at the very least ignored. Maintaining the status quo whether consciously or unconsciously is the standard of poor leadership. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is typically the mantra of poor leaders. To eradicate these seven words and the mindset they represent, good leaders must first reorient the leadership of an organization to understand that they now live in a world that is changing at an exponential rate and that leadership and workforces must change and adapt to stay relevant and “in business.” Often the organization’s top leaders rush out to hold employee meetings in an attempt to convince them of the need to change before they first retrain their own subordinate leaders. While the workforce may sense the need to change, it’s leadership that must drive the change. Leaders must alter the environment and culture within which their workforces function to induce the desired new behaviors. However, any change in a workforce will be temporary until the employees see that their leaders have completely adopted the new direction in attitude, word, and deed. Only then will the seven words and their destructive way of thinking be eradicated.

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