The Loyal Opposition

This is the twenty-seventh Blog in a weekly series regarding the state of leadership in America. Elections don’t seem to settle anything anymore. One political party wins an election and regardless of the margin of victory, the other party circles the wagons and prepares to use every legislative protocol and administrative procedure, of which there is an endless number, to impede, block, and grind to a halt the entire governing process. At the beginning of each new term of office, the election winners believe that they have a mandate from the American people who just elected them, to propose, debate, and pass bills and take any other actions needed to deal with the issues raised in the campaign. And most importantly, there is an expectation that this should be done within a reasonable time frame. A government such as ours that is of the people, by the people, and for the people must move forward in the direction the people voted to go. Regardless of which party won the Presidency and majority of seats in the Congress, the people have spoken and both parties regardless of democrat or republican should recognize that public mandate and resulting obligation to do what is necessary to accomplish the people’s will and agenda.
There’s just one problem, it doesn’t work that way. What has actually occurred over the last two decades, is that the party that suffers the greatest losses in the last election immediately begins analyzing the polling and voting results to develop a plan of action to improve those results, and most importantly has determined that the best way for them to win the next election is to thwart every effort by the majority party to pass any bills or solve any of the major issues facing the nation. The goal appears to be to ensure that there’s a do-nothing President and Congress to run against at the next election. The justification for this approach can be summed up in the words: loyal opposition. The party in the minority sees itself as the one with the right message, the message that reflects how the people should think and how the country should be governed. They see themselves as the only ones who are loyal to the principles of the US Constitution and consequently, they know better than the majority of Americas concerning how to govern this country.
To maintain a strong Republic, we must as a government and a people honor election results and work together to reach compromises to keep our country moving forward. Doing nothing until the next election is not an option. The world in which we live in is changing at an exponential rate and it will not allow us years of inaction to preposition political parties to win the next election. Whether we like it or not, America is the leader of the free world and that world depends on the United States for leadership. If we fail to provide it, then nature abhors a vacuum and some other country, some other people will step up and fill the leadership void. My plea is that both democrats and republicans equally need to recognize that we must move forward and reach compromises on the current set of problems that require action and then prepare ourselves for the next round of challenges in this new century. To do otherwise, places the interests of a party over the people’s agenda and above the interests of the nation. We do not need a loyal opposition or a domineering majority. We need compromise.

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