About the Book

Not many people are satisfied with the leaders we have in the public and private sectors. We are suffering from a severe lack of good leadership-even though billions of dollars per year are spent on leadership training and development.

The root cause of this leadership vacuum is that leadership gurus firmly believe, teach, and preach that anyone can be made into a leader with the right training, personal desire and commitment. With this premise, they’ve approached leadership as a commonplace and elementary skill that anyone can learn.

There’s just one problem: they’re wrong.

In this guidebook on leadership, you’ll learn about all aspects of leadership, including:

  • How to look past personality profiles, leadership models and traditional assessment tools to grasp what makes a great leader.
  • How to identify and select natural born leaders to achieve your objectives.
  • How to deal with poor leaders who hurt you and your organization.

Leadership DNA examines the false premise that anyone can be a leader and provides insights and tools that lead to a better system of identifying, selecting, and developing born leaders.

3 Responses to About the Book

  1. Philomena Vaz says:

    Would like to buy a copy. Hence would like to know the cost.

    • paulokum says:

      My book is available on Amazon.com for $11.50. It’s also available on Barnes and Noble.com for about the same price. You can go to my web page at paulokum.com to a link to Amazon.com. I welcome any feedback about the content of the book. Thank you for your interest in what i have to say on leadership.

    • paulokum says:

      were you able to purchase my book??

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